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All About Love Adoptions Home Study

Figuring out how to adopt can be a very overwhelming task, but with any type of adoption you will need an adoption agency to complete your home study and post placement visits, so we suggest you start by calling us! All About Love Adoptions is a fully licensed adoption agency with the programs and resources to help you find your path and get started!

Home Study Services

Completing a home study is a family’s opportunity to meet with an adoption specialist to help prepare for adoption. Your home study worker will review all of the required documents for the home study and assist you in gathering all the necessary information to generate a document (called a home study) for the court. An approved home study is based on readiness to adopt, and it is your home study worker’s priority to help you reach that goal. The home study process typically includes two meetings, and families are always given an opportunity to review a draft of the report before it is finalized. The home study document is generally available in a few weeks after submission of all documents and completion of all interviews. We can expedite services when necessary. At All About Love Adoptions, we work hard to make our home study process efficient and rewarding for our clients, in addition to meeting all requirements for the courts.

Post Placement Services

Often, families are required to submit post-placement reports from a licensed agency to the courts in order to finalize an adoption. Reports include information about the child’s history and placement, health, family adjustment, and other adoption-related topics. When finalizing your adoption in Pennsylvania, three visits over six months will be required. The attorney you work with to finalize your adoption will specify for you how many post-placement visits are needed in your situation. All About Love Adoptions can provide visits, reports, and support for families on whatever schedule is needed.

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