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International Adoption

International adoption is possible from many countries around the world, with both Hague requirements and non-Hague requirements depending on the country, and while you will need an international adoption agency for the matching and placement, All About Love Adoptions can provide the home study you will need to have done by a local adoption agency to start the process.


Adopting a Child

Please see our helpful links page for a direct link to an overview various country’s international adoption policies and opportunities before you choose an international adoption agency or home study adoption agency. More information about our home study services can also be found on our home studies page as well. Call, text or e-mail us to find out how we can help you pursue your goal of adopting internationally. Contact All About Love Adoptions to learn more!


  1. Choose an agency with a program in the country you would like to adopt from, and make sure they provide all of their home study requirements before you complete your home study.
  2. Have a home study completed by an agency licensed in your area to submit to the placing agency you have chosen and USCIS.
  3. Complete the application process through your placing agency for USCIS approval to bring a child into the country and to be matched with a child in the country you have chosen.
  4. Arrange for travel and placement with the placement agency.
  5. Complete your adoption and bring your child home!
  6. Some countries will require post-placement visits and/or an adoption process in an American court once you return home.

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