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Infant Adoption Program

Families hoping to adopt a newborn baby need to choose an infant adoption program. Although each family must have a home study approved by a local provider, adopting a newborn infant can be done through any domestic infant adoption program in the country.

Adopting an Infant

adopting an infantThe steps involved in infant adoption, listed below, describe the general process of how you can adopt a newborn baby. Adopting newborn infants is a wonderful way to build your family. First you will need to choose an infant adoption provider and also have an adoption home study approved. You will then create a profile and be matched with the birth mother interested in finding a family who wants to adopt a newborn baby. Adopting newborn babies includes developing a plan for the placement and contact afterwards with the birth mother. Infant adoption placement is followed by post placement visits and then finalization of the adoption in court. Contact All About Love Adoptions to learn more!

Steps to Adopting an Infant

  1. Choose an agency, facilitator or another program to help match you with a birth mother
  2. Complete the home study
  3. Create a profile to be shared with pregnant women considering adoption
  4. Be matched with a birth mother
  5. Develop a hospital plan and plan for contact after the adoption
  6. Placement of the baby in your care
  7. Post Placement Visits
  8. Finalization of adoption in court

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