Dear Birthmother,

We appreciate the time you are taking to view our family profile! It is a blessing to have this opportunity to make a connection with you. Our paths are crossing because of our shared goal for your child to grow up in a loving and nurturing home. We have the utmost respect for your feelings and decisions in this process and wish you the best. Below is our journey that we would like to share with you in hopes that you think our family would be the best fit for your child.

How We Got Here….When one door closes, another door opens.

We met in 2008 through an internet dating site with mini golf as our first date. As our relationship grew, we knew we wanted to get married and have a family. However, we learned that we would not be able to conceive without fertility treatment. It was surprising news, but after taking the time to think, we decided that adoption was the best option for us. We are very excited to provide your child with a stable, loving, and nurturing home. Looking back, we can now see that adoption was meant for us all along and are now waiting for the right birth family to find us.

Where We Are Now…The best things in life are worth waiting for.

We have been a couple for nine years and have been married for four years. We love spending time with each other as well as our family and friends (and of course our adorable dog Buster too!) Our neighborhood is located in a suburban area and is very close to a variety of community activities. The neighborhood is large and flat which is great for biking and walking, and the neighbors are very friendly. We are thankful to have a beautiful home with a large deck and backyard for activities. We enjoy our jobs and work hard so we can focus on our “family time.”

Our interests include a wide variety of activities:

  • Games: board, video, puzzles, arcades, ping pong, pool, and outdoor lawn games.
  • Sports: watching and playing sports, such as football, tennis, golf, basketball, and hockey.
  • Outdoor activities:  canoeing, swimming, hiking, fishing, taking walks in the park, gardening, camping, and rock climbing
  • Taking trips: visiting family, comedy shows, mini golf, bowling, horseback riding, water parks, beaches, and going for ice cream.
  • Other activities: cross stitching, painting, reading, decorating, cooking, watching tv/movies, and doing home projects.

The only missing piece in our life is for a child to love, guide, support, and share life together.

Where We Are Going….When it’s all about the journey, the destination will find you.

Our life with a child will be full of love, joy, play and humor. Here is what your child’s life would be like with our family:

  • Family and Friends: Your child will spend a lot of time with extended family. Rick’s family  (mother, father, stepfamily, sister, nephews) live close by and are extremely supportive. They spend a lot of time at the family farm, having family dinners and holiday gatherings, and taking the annual trip to Canada. Molly’s family (parents, brother, sister, nieces, and nephews) live a few hours away but get together consistently for fun activities and holidays. Your child would also spend time with our friends and their children as well as having play dates and sleepovers with their own friends and neighborhood kids.
  • School: We would be very involved in your child’s educational experiences, homework, and school activities. The schools are a few miles away and are located in a good school district.
  • Activities/Fun:  We would expose your child to a wide range of activities in sports, music, and art so that he/she can learn his/her interests/strengths.
  • Community:  There are many sporting teams, Scouts, and groups in our community. We would attend church, fairs, go to the library, and other community events.

Parenting/Values:  We would be very caring and nurturing parents while setting limits and boundaries so a child can learn self-control. We would teach character values, such responsibility, respect, honesty, and kindness. It is important to us for the child to learn independence and confidence as well as having gratitude and faith. We would share the values of open family conversations and family traditions.

Rick…My partner in life (Rick through Molly’s eyes)

People, especially kids, love being around Rick because he has a calm and easygoing demeanor where you can feel comfortable just being yourself. Rick is very down-to-earth, dependable, and protective. He also is fun loving and spontaneous and can embrace his inner child with goofiness and laughter. He is very generous and goes out of his way to make sure that me, his family, and Buster have what we need. Rick has a good sense of humor and has me laughing with his witty comments. When I have a problem or feel upset, Rick is very sensitive and supportive. He is very kind and gentle with kids and animals. He brings out the best in me and provides our life with a good balance.

Rick will be a great father, and I have always been able to picture him as “daddy.” I can see him gently and lovingly holding your child (and not wanting to put the baby down!). I can see him with a child playing in the yard and enjoying hobbies. Rick and your child would wrestle, laugh, and play jokes. With an adolescent, he would spend quality time with them doing their favorite activity or just going out for a drive. Like his own father, Rick would be there for his adult child, ready to help with any home improvement project, watch football, or go out for breakfast.

Rick Through Buster’s eyes:

I like when Daddy cuddles, brushes, and pets me. He plays a lot with me. He also protects me if I get scared when a big dog barks.

Molly through Rick’s eyes

Molly has many qualities that make her a wonderful wife. She is caring, loving, thoughtful, responsible, supportive, and intelligent… just to name a few. She is sensitive to other people’s emotions and needs and puts others first. We have a very fun and active life together.  She’s always coming up with fun and exciting activities for us to do the ropes course at Camel Beach, weekend trips to the Poconos, horseback riding, golfing, water parks and much more. We also have just as much fun staying home and enjoying each other’s company. My wife loves taking the dog for a walk around the neighborhood because all the neighborhood kids come running and screaming with joy to see us and our dog, Buster.  Molly and I make a great team. She compliments me well because my weaknesses are her strengths and vice versa. She is very creative and analytical and comes up with ideas to improve things in different situations. Staying fit and healthy is a goal of Molly’s. She works out daily, goes for walks, rides a bike and eats healthy. Laughter is the best medicine and Molly likes to keep things upbeat by telling jokes.

She would make an excellent mother for many reasons. Professionally, she has extensive knowledge in child development from her schooling and work experiences. She would be able to care for a child emotionally and recognize their needs, guiding them in the right direction throughout life. Aside from her professional experiences, Molly would naturally be very caring, loving and attentive to the child. A family is the most important thing to her. She’s constantly keeping in touch with family and calls them often when she doesn’t get to see them. When nephews and nieces come to visit, she showers them with affection and takes them to do a variety of activities. Education is important to Molly also. She excelled in school throughout her life and achieved a masters degree in counseling plus additional classes. Molly would provide a great environment for learning for a child because she knows from experience what works best. She gets very excited when thinking about having a child of our own. Seeing them participate in sports or other activities all throughout life would bring her great joy. Molly would make a great mother by fulfilling the child’s emotional, educational and social needs as well as providing loads of fun!

Molly Through Buster’s eyes:

I like that mommy gives me a lot of attention and takes me on walks. She is a great person to cuddle and snuggle with.

Thanks you for checking out our profile! If you have any further questions, we are certainly willing to answer them.


Rick and Molly