Our names are Jay and Claudia. We are a happily married couple that has had a dream to raise children in our joyful little family since the day we decided to get married. We have tried to conceive a child on our own for years. We have used the services of fertility specialist for years as well. Unfortunately, each attempt has been unsuccessful, leaving us heartbroken. We have always stayed strong together, bouncing back each time to remain upbeat, happy and never losing hope of our dream.

We cannot wait to share with you our feeling of how much your courage and strength will lead our happiness and the happiness of a little baby growing our tiny family by one. You are the miracle we have been hoping for.


Although we grew up in neighboring small towns and have a lot of the same friends, our paths had never crossed until we were each about 35 years old. We realized on our first date that we shared not only many of the same interests, but even the same bigger pictures of life- like having a happy family with children. We love spending as much time as we can together, no matter how large or small the activity as long as we can share some laughs along the way. We have been happily married for the last four years and have watched ourselves actually grow even closer through unsuccessful trials of trying to have a child.

We recently moved into a house that we had refurbished. We worked together on designing the rooms and then decorating and furnishing our home. We enjoy doing activities outdoors such as bicycling, camping, fishing and taking long walks. We enjoy trying different restaurants and cooking or barbecuing together. We enjoy going to live sporting events such as baseball, college basketball and football games. Sometimes our favorite nights are just renting a movie and lighting a fire in our fireplace.

We have a large extended family that we spend a lot of time with on weekends and holidays. We are very family oriented and are often spending time with our nieces and nephews who range from ages 1 to 21. But perhaps one of our simplest little pleasures is spoiling the third member of our little family- a two-year-old Himalayan cat, Jefferson.

We are very excited about adopting a little baby. We respect the bravery and thoughtfulness of any birth mother going through an adoption. We will be eternally grateful for this opportunity to fulfill their dream and will provide this child.


I was born in Portugal and came to the U.S. when I was 5 years old. I still have family in Portugal and enjoys visiting them every year in the summer. Ironically Jay and I went to the same middle school but never crossed paths.

Jay says that I am full of life and I often call myself a dreamer. I’ve dreamed for years of having children and a happy family. I love to laugh and be playful with Jay. I have a strong group of close girlfriends who enjoy spending time together whether it be out to dinner or staying home watching a movie.

I love playing with children. Several of our friends’ children often ask to come to our house so they can play with “Aunt Claudia.” I still consider myself a child at heart and love to talk to children while making them little snacks.

In my spare time, I love to cook. I enjoy trying different recipes and cook a few times every week. I know Jay loves my cooking and enjoy watching him struggle to answer whose cooking is better- mine or his mother’s.

I also love practical jokes. I enjoy surprising Jay with an occasional practical joke around the house. One of my best occurred when I hired a man to dress in a gorilla costume and go to Jay’s work to sing him happy birthday. True to our playful nature together Jay loved the joke.


I come from a large and a close Italian family and have a group of friends that I grew up with in my hometown. I am sociable and energetic and genuinely enjoy listening to other people. I have a soft spot for anyone who struggles or needs assistance. I try to always be an optimist and view the “glass as half full” whenever I see a difficult situation.

Like my wife, I think of myself as a kid at heart. I genuinely enjoy taking the time to talk with or play with children or watch a cartoon or movie. I have 10 nieces and nephews and am the Godfather to three children.

I love the outdoors, especially the beach. I enjoy jogging outdoors on trails or near lakes, rivers and parks. I have enjoyed fishing since I was a child. Claudia and I both enjoy biking outdoors and even fishing together.

I enjoy reading about history and talking about it to anyone who will listen. Most of the time, this falls on Claudia, who will sometimes admit later that she wasn’t overly interested but listened to see me smile and excited.

I love watching movies and quoting memorable scenes. Sometimes, I will learn a whole scene and will randomly act it out at a holiday gathering or a dinner. Claudia often like to poke some fun whenI gets trapped into watching one of her romantic comedies, and later admits that I actually loved the movie.

I am a huge sports fan and have a passion for baseball, basketball and football. Claudia and I love going to live sporting events from high school football to college basketball to professional sports.

We love to travel together. We have visited Italy and Portugal several times. We enjoy relaxing days sitting on a beach.


  • Riding bikes, taking walks and going to parks.
  • Sitting on a beach.
  • Attending live sporting events.
  • Cooking and barbecuing outdoors.
  • Going to the movies and watching TV.
  • Going to restaurants with friends.
  • Hosting dinner parties and holiday gatherings.



Jay is a lawyer who founded a law firm with other partners. He has been a lawyer since 2000 and has owned his own firm for the last 10. Jay’s focus is on helping people who are injured. His entire practice involves helping individuals with medical treatment, lost time from work and taking on big insurance companies.

Claudia works for the U.S. government. Her job involves reviewing and auditing banks and financial companies that may violate laws and regulations. Her specialty involves focusing on elderly who are taken advantage of by financial advisers.


We live in a suburb with a nice little downtown. Many of our family and friends reside in the town. It’s not uncommon to run into someone we know at a local store, restaurant, church or sports game. The school system in our town is good and respected and we are both products of it.

We bought a home earlier this year and refurbished the entire inside. It was a fun project that we worked on together with contractors. Our house has four bedrooms, with a finished basement, a sun-room, and a nice sized backyard. We bought the house with the dream of raising a family and have a room ready for our new child.


We have a large and close-knit family. Many of them live within 30 minutes of each other.

Claudia has a lot of family that still lives in Portugal. Claudia spent every summer growing up traveling back to Portugal to be with her large extended family. To this day she goes at least once every summer and often more.

Jay has a sister and two brothers and remains close with all of them. His younger brother has two young children and Jay is the Godfather of his oldest.

Both of our mothers live around the corner from our house. We are extremely close and make it a point to talk with them every day and visit several times each week.

We share a large group of close friends that we each grew up with and who live nearby. We consider many of our friends as family.

To us, family and friends are everything. Every single one our family and friends have shared our difficult journey of trying to have children and pray and pull for us every day. Our child will be welcome with open arms into this large, loving family.


We both grew up in families that went to church every Sunday and placed an emphasis on our faith. We were taught to pray in both times of thanks and times of need. We continue to go to church together.

Faith has a unique place in Claudia’s heart. She lost her sister to an accident about 10 years ago in Portugal. They were a year apart. Her faith helped her along the way since then and she continues to speak to her through prayers. She believes that her sister is looking down on her and will one day help her deliver this child that she dreams of each day.


Jefferson is our 2-year-old Himalayan cat. We have had him since he was a kitten. He usually sleeps with us each night and wakes us up most mornings. He sits on the couch with them when watching TV. Almost every little kid that walks into the house always asks “where is Jefferson” and begin the search for his hiding spots.


We have always dreamed of having children and will provide the most loving and caring
home possible for this child. Our lives have been about family and we will welcome this miracle with open arms into theirs. We will cherish every moment with this child and create a lifetime of memories.

We have so much to share and teach this child. We are going to be wonderful parents by setting a good example. We will show patience and teach right from wrong. We will teach about doing good deeds and helping anyone in need. We will always look to put a smile on this child’s face. We will encourage our child to pursue any activity that interests him or her and provide whatever is necessary to fulfill that wish. We will put their heart and soul into even the smallest of things like reading a story at night, opening gifts at Christmas or dressing up for Halloween.

We promise you that we will show our eternal gratitude for giving us this miracle by raising this child to enjoy life, to have every opportunity possible and to always have two passionate teachers and providers.


We love each other dearly. We have created a warm and loving home. One piece is missing from both of our hearts. We have tried for years to have a child on our own only to be left heartbroken every time. We have never given up hope or faith and now you have come along. We think of you as an answer to our prayers. We thank you from the bottom of our heart.