Andrea & Tommy

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We are Tommy and Andrea and we’re very excited to become a family through the adoption process

We would like to begin by thanking you for taking the time to read this letter and considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We know that you love your baby very much and are grateful for your courage & commitment to and adoption plan. It is our hope that this letter and these pictures will give you a sense of who we are and the love and secure life that we would offer your child. We can only imagine how difficult of a time this must be for you. We have immense respect for the selflessness of the decision you are making in bringing a new life into the world. Whether you choose us or not, we wish you peace, especially during this time.

Adoption has been a part of both of our lives from the very beginning because we were both adopted in infancy ourselves. Though we have not conceived a child, adoption is by no means the second choice for us. From the outset of our marriage, we knew we wanted to grow our family through adoption.

The Story of Us

We met through eHarmony in April 2008. Within five minutes of our first date we became aware of some crazy similarities. Tommy’s first and middle name are the same as my brother. Both of our mother’s and father’s first names are the same, and they went to the same high school. Then we discovered that we were both adopted! At that moment we felt instantly connected. The conversation flowed freely at dinner. We realized that we had even more in common, such as a mutual passion for boating, a love of being by the water, strong relationships with our family and friends, and a dedication to helping people.

We dated for 364 days to be exact and then were engaged in 2009. We got married on a beautiful (although unseasonably hot and humid) day in September of 2010 surrounded by family and friends. We had a beautiful Church ceremony. You could feel the love that emanated in the chapel that day, not just between the two of us, but from our family and friends as well. Our reception was on the water with a coastal theme. We even had a sand castle cake with a cake version of our boat riding by. It was made by the Cake Boss himself. We danced the night away with our family and friends. That day was so amazing and went by so fast that we affectionately call it, “Our Wonderful Blur”.

We have grown together as a couple every day since that magical September afternoon. Our marriage is one that is filled with love, honesty, fun, laughter, open communication, and respect for one another. We refer to each other as two peas in a pod because we think similarly about most things. We even frequently have the same thoughts at the same time, which makes us laugh. We truly are each other’s best friends!

Andrea Through Tommy’s Eyes

Andrea is the most generous and loving person you will ever know. She is the most beautiful person that I have ever met, both inside and out. Aside from her outward beauty, the qualities that attract me most to her are her honesty, selflessness, and genuine concern for anyone in her life. Throughout the course of our first date, I remember thinking, I feel like I have known this woman forever. It was then that I knew we would be together for the rest of our lives.

Andrea has a passion for the arts, music, and travel that is shared by the both of us. She has opened up my world with her love of cooking, dance, and discovering other cultures. Boating has been an important part of my life since childhood, and I am so happy that she shares this love as well. We can’t wait to introduce our child to boating life like our parents did for us. Her sense of humor is exactly like mine, and we laugh often. Sometimes all it takes is a certain look or action, without saying a word to get a laugh out of one another. She enjoys living life, just like I do!

Andrea’s devotion to anyone she considers family or friend is unparalleled. I have seen her be the first person to be there when someone is in need. She is wonderful helping out with our friend’s children, and I love seeing the happiness on her face when she does. She has endless love to give and will shower that love on our daughter or son infinitely. I could not ask for a better wife, and I know that she will be an incredible mother.


Tommy Through Andrea’s Eyes

Tommy has so many qualities that I love and admire. He is kind, compassionate, and deeply cares about the well-being of people he loves. One of the things that drew me to him was his warm demeanor and the ease of conversation we had on our first date. It felt like we had known each other forever and we were always meant to be together.

His compassion for others shines through in his 27 years of volunteering for his hometown rescue squad. Tommy is the first person to offer help to someone in a time of need. He gives so much of himself to others and that makes me really proud to be his wife. He has a terrific sense of humor that has me giggling regularly!

Tommy is super intelligent and hard working which makes him successful at anything that he puts his mind to. He is a dedicated partner in his family’s business where he has worked for over 20 years. While work is important, he has never put work before family. He makes sure that he is home for dinner every night so that we have family time together.

Tommy goes out of his way every day to show me how much he loves me, and I couldn’t love him more! I feel blessed every day that we found each other. He has so much love to give a child, and I know he will be a wonderful father.

Tommy’s Education & Career

I went to public school through 8th grade. I found a love for art and drawing through the years. I also played baseball and hockey through our town sports, was in Cub Scouts, and played trumpet in the school band. I went to high school at a private but local Catholic school, where I continued with baseball and hockey, and in my senior year, became an EMT on my local first aid squad.

I attended Syracuse University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree. While in college, I was a member of the Syracuse University Ambulance and played recreational sports. I continued to pursue my love of art and design and I still find it very helpful in my career today.

Today I am a partner in charge of new business development for a heavy highway construction company started by my grandfather, father, and uncle. I really enjoy my career and take a personal pride in the company’s operation, development, and growth.

Andrea’s Education & Career:

I went to public school throughout grade school and high school. I participated in school plays, took ballet classes and, was a member of the Italian club. (Fun Fact: Due to my Italian education in high school, I am the only member of the Italian side of my family to actually speak some Italian.) I attended Rutgers University, where I graduated with a degree in the Administration of Justice. After working for 6 years advocating for victims of crime, I decided to pursue my Masters Degree in Social Work at Kean University. I graduated and then received my Licensed Social Worker designation.

Shortly after graduate school, my brother opened an insurance agency. I helped him get the administrative end of the business established, eventually becoming a partner. With the business now running smoothly, and eagerly anticipating the arrival of a child, I have retired to start getting ready for the baby. I will have the privilege of being a stay at home mom. We feel so happy and blessed that I will be able to be there full time to provide the constant love, care, and attention that a little one needs.

We both come from families that place a strong value on education. Our parents stressed the importance of being educated and well rounded from a young age. That focus on education is something that has shaped us into who we are today. We can’t wait to pass on a love of learning to our child. We want to show how fun learning can be by reading books, taking our child to museums, the theater, and going on nature walks.


Our families on both sides are so excited for our new addition to the family. They are as ready and excited as us to welcome a new child! We have had to restrain the grandmothers from shopping for their grandchild for now, but they are excited waiting for the day that they can be let loose in the mall! They are intent on spoiling the baby with clothes and toys, but most importantly lots of love.

Tommy’s Family

Tommy is very close to both his parents and we see them on a weekly basis, whether it be just to get together for dinner, or a family event. He talks with them regularly and they only live 10 minutes away. They are very excited about the adoption and the prospect of having a little grandchild! Tommy does not have any siblings but has many cousins on his father’s side whom we have regular contact.

Andrea’s Family

Andrea is very close to her mother who lives only 10 minutes away. She talks to her every day and sees her weekly. She cannot wait to be a grandma again as well!

Andrea’s father also lives about 10 minutes away, but part time. He and Andrea’s stepmother split their time between here and Florida. Andrea has two stepsisters that live nearby as well. We all try to see each other every month when they are in the area.

Andrea has one brother, Tom, with whom she is very close. Working together they would see each other every day. Now that she is no longer in the office they still talk most days. Tom is married to Lindsay who is a sweetheart. Together they just had our niece, Kylie, who is the joy of their heart and ours! Kylie is just over seven months old and has the cutest laugh on the planet. We all get together for family dinners as often as possible. Tom and Lindsay are both looking forward to Kylie having a cousin to play with!


Family Favorites: Tommy Andrea
Vacation Spot Florida Keys British Virgin Islands
Sports Team New York Yankees New York Yankees
Holiday Christmas Christmas & Easter
Color Blue Teal
Band Rush Billy Joel
Time of Day Late Afternoon Early Evening
Recreational Activity Boating Boating & Travel
Book The Godfather Phantom of the Opera
Food Italian Italian
School subject Art Psychology
Tradition Christmas Eve Party Hosting the Holidays (All of them!)

Our Home

We are lucky to live in one of the top-rated school districts in our state, with parks and lots of recreational areas all within walking distance. One of the parks has an AWESOME playground with towers, slides, bridges, swings, and monkey bars. The town is incredibly safe and offers a ton of recreational & educational programs for children. It has a community pool club, and a great farmers market that we like to walk around in the summer.

We just finished building our dream home last year. The home has a Victorian farmhouse feel from the outside with a beautiful front porch where we enjoy our coffee on weekend mornings, and watching the birds soar overhead. The house also has a large backyard which is an open canvas right now. We will landscape the whole property in the spring complete with an organic garden. There is lots of space for a big swing set. We hope to put a pool in someday for more family fun. There is plenty of room to run around, play, and have Easter egg hunts!

Our Cat Dozer

Our cat’s name is Dozer. He was named for a bulldozer, after Tommy’s trade. He is a rescue kitty that Tommy found abandoned in the woods years ago. Tommy nursed him back to health, and now he is a spry 14 years old. Dozer has the sweetest disposition and like a dog, loves to give kisses. His favorite things are cuddling and sunbathing by the sliding glass door. Our friend’s children love to pet him when they come over, and he is super friendly. He can’t wait to have a brother or sister!

Family Traditions

Holidays are a BIG deal in our house. We regularly host, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Birthdays at our home. We cook for days and always try to make sure that the house reflects the holiday. We celebrate with a large group of friends and family. We usually have 15-20 people over.

At Christmas we spend time venturing into New York City to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, putting up decorations, baking Christmas cookies, and spending marathon sessions watching A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. Christmas Eve is very special to our family. We all attend Church and then gather together to have a great night celebrating with lots, food, conversation, and as always, laughter.

Holidays are all about gathering family and friends. When we built this house we said that we always wanted it filled with our family and friends, and it has been. The only missing piece has been a child. We can’t wait for the day when our son or daughter arrives, and for all the new holiday traditions we’ll be able to create, like reading The Night Before Christmas around the fire on Christmas Eve!

Hobbies and Interests

We spend most weekends during the summer with Tommy’s parents at their shore house. We have a boat and are involved with a boating club whose members have become like an extended family to us. We go boating with them locally in the summer, and sometimes take the boats on vacation with us to Florida, Maryland, and many other places.

We love to travel when we have time. We have traveled through Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, Canada & the United States. Our love of travel and different cultures is something we can’t wait to share with a son or daughter. We can just imagine our child’s first taste of gelato in Italy or swimming in the Caribbean. Life was meant to be experienced and travel is a great way to do that!

We also have an extended family of friends that we get together with regularly. Whether it is Sunday dinner, going to birthday parties, or just hanging out, we always have a great time together! Many of our friends and family have young children. Our close friends Tracy & Jeff along with their 6 and 3 year old girls are regular visitors at our house, even spending holidays with us. Our parents and their parents live close to one another at the shore in the summer, so we also spend time at the beach with them as well!

We enjoy cooking and will spend weekends in the fall making homemade soups and other healthy fare that we can enjoy throughout the winter. We plan on making our own organic baby food as well.

We love to go to New York City to take in the different museums and cultural events like musicals and plays. We also love to go to different sporting events. Tommy’s favorite is baseball, mine is hockey!

Our Values

We are both Christians. I am Presbyterian and Tommy is Catholic. We have agreed that our child will be raised Presbyterian based on my involvement at Church. We would expose our child to both religions as we do attend each other’s services and masses.

We will teach our child the importance of honesty, kindness, and respect for others. We will support and encourage his or her interests and dreams. We will teach the importance of being thankful for everyday, appreciating all that you have, and the importance of being generous to others; especially those in need. We want our child to know that having forgiveness and compassion for others makes the world a better place to live. We want him or her to always be humble, but stand up for what they believe in. Most of all we want our child to know that love is the most important force on the planet, making all things possible. We will teach this through our example. We want to be the best parents we can be, so that the child we raise can grow up to be the best version of his or her self.

We want you to know that we believe that families created by adoption are special and should be honored. We may be a little biased being adopted ourselves, but we believe it does provide us with a unique perspective! We will raise your child from a young age to know about how their adoption came to be, and the amazing way we became a family. Our parents did the same for us as well. In terms of openness, we would love to send letters and pictures to you regularly if that is what you desire.

We want to thank you again for taking the time to read this. We hope that these words and pictures have helped you to understand who we are as a couple, and who we will be as parents. We would love the opportunity to get to know you, your desires for your child’s life, and answer any questions you might have for us.

Andrea & Tommy