Meet Ahn & Jeremy

Hello, Our names are Anh and Jeremy, and we thank you for reading our story. We may never know the journey that has brought you to us. However, we appreciate your choice and have the utmost respect as you are considering adoption out of the greatest love for your child.

It seems like it was just yesterday when the two of us first met. It started with email, then a phone call, some dates and a wedding in 2012. We have always known that we wanted to have children, to be parents and raise a family. We started trying shortly after we got married and unsuccessful. While difficult, it has strengthened us in our relationship and deepens our desire to have and raise a family. We can’t wait for that day to become parents and feel that adoption will give us that opportunity to share our love, happiness and family with a child.

Jeremy was born and raised in upstate New York and has lived in five different states. Anh was born in Vietnam and grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania. But the two of us now call New Jersey home along with our dog Sacha. She is a lab-shepherd mix and great with children. Jeremy rescued her from a shelter when she was 12 weeks old.

Everyone tells us how open and warm our house feels. It is a 2-story home with lots of room for children to run and play in. It has a basement with a finished play area with a ping-pong / air-hockey table that all the nieces and nephews love to play. Outside there is a basketball hoop in the front yard and a backyard to run around in. There is a park five doors down with swings and a slide to play on and a big open field to play catch. And the elementary school is on the other side of the fence in our backyard. If the kids were ever late for school, our neighbors told us they could just jump over it and run to class.

We both went to public school and college. Jeremy has a degree in Computers and Anh in Accounting. We are both working professionals in our field of study. Jeremy is in Technology as a Project Manager and Anh a manager in Insurance. Anh loves to plant and garden, while Jeremy likes to keep the yard looking green. Meanwhile, Jeremy loves to cook everything from steaks and burgers on the grill, to cookies and brownies for dessert, and the best part, Anh likes to eat everything he makes.

We spend most of our free time together. When we are home we enjoy watching our favorite shows or movies. We look forward to bedtime stories and sleeping under homemade bedroom castles and forts. On the weekends we spend time with our families, as they are both close by. We also enjoy going to the movies, dining out and trying new places. Sometimes the best places are those little hole in the wall spots. We have traveled together near and far, from Florida to Italy. We can’t wait to have stories about our trips as a family.

We understand the importance of family and cherish our own families and each other’s. Anh has 11 siblings, 14 nieces and nephews and 5 great nieces and nephews, while Jeremy has a younger sister and 2 nephews. There are times when we visit with family and there are 20 – 30 people there, all having a great time.

Over time we have learned together how similar our upbringing and how close our beliefs are. When it comes to children, religion is very important to us in raising a child. We would raise our child with faith and teach them compassion, values and morals.

Our parents instilled values in both of us that we will pass along to our children. The importance of helping others, being a kind person and getting the best education possible. We were both taught at an early age the importance of an education. We base our parenting principles around positive reinforcement, hands-on involvement and leading by example. We will always encourage our child to do the best that they can and we will be proud of their effort no matter what.

Our Promise

  • Love unconditionally
  • Provide our child with a secure and stable family environment. One with love, support and full of happiness
  • Cherish every moment we have with our child
  • Be there for our child from the bumps & bruises to their proudest moments
  • Raise our child to share the same values we were instilled with from our parents
  • Respect you and your wishes regarding updates and future contact.

We know that together we can create a relationship that is mutually respectful and positive

We are excited to take this shared journey together – you searching for a loving family for your child, and us ready to open our hearts and home to a new life and start a family. Thank you for letting us tell you our story and journey to have a family.